State of the art configurators guide you quickly & intuitively to the desired product version

Phoenix Contact offers a broad portfolio of innovative products and solutions in the field of industrial electrical engineering. Often, the technical aspects are multifaceted and difficult to determine at a glance. To this end, numerous configurators support you in finding the right product or the right solution for your application and tailoring these to your requirements.

Configurator for QUINT POWER power supplies

Set various parameters, such as signaling thresholds, characteristic curves, and the output voltage individually. Order your customized power supply from a batch quantity of just 1.

CAPAROC – configurator for an electronic circuit breaker system

Design your customized circuit breaker system to meet your requirements. In addition, you will receive all important planning data, such as 2D and 3D models, a system data sheet, and an individual item number. Order your customized system starting from a batch quantity of just 1.

Configurator for plug-in device circuit breaker solutions

Find the right circuit breaker for your application. The configurator determines the minimum cross-section and appropriate cable length based on the power supply, cable, and load.


Configurator: System cabling for controllers

The VARIOFACE system cabling enables time-saving and error-free connection to I/O modules. Thanks to plug-in PLC front adapters, system cables, and signal termination boards, you can devise your wiring solution.

Configurator for cables

Configure your cable connection for signal, data, and power transmission in IP6x environments or for control cabinet applications. Freely selectable cable lengths and cable ends allow customized cable assemblies.

Configurator for heavy-duty connectors

The HEAVYCON configurator provides you with ideal support when designing your tailor-made connector. With simple filter menus, 2D and 3D product images, as well as an intuitive user interface, you can configure your connectors without errors in just a few steps. You can export and transfer the item list or order your solution directly.

Configurator for modular rectangular connectors

The VARIOCON configurator provides you with support when designing your tailor-made rectangular connector. With simple filter menus, drag-and-drop, product illustrations in 2D and 3D, as well as an intuitive user interface, you can configure your rectangular connectors quickly and easily. You can export and transfer the item list and order your configuration directly.

Configurator for the CES cable entry system

Put together your individual cable entry system with the CES configurator. Combine cable seals from our large range of round and AS-interface cables and extend your solution with suitable accessories

Configurator for surge protection for building installation

Just a few steps to the ideal protective devices for your building: Use the configurator to quickly and easily find the right surge protection – from feed-in through to the end device.

Configurator for surge protection for MCR technology

In measurement and control technology, a variety of cables are used to connect a wide range of interfaces. Surge voltages can couple into all interfaces via these cables. Create the right surge protection for MCR technology in just two steps.

Configurator for information technology surge protection

Create the ideal surge protection for your data networks.

Configurator for surge protection for transmitter and receiver systems

Here you can configure the right surge protection for your transmitter and receiver systems.

Engineering software for control cabinet manufacturing

The clipx ENGINEER engineering software makes it possible to plan and procure terminal strips, assembled mounting plates, and junction boxes more efficiently than ever, and to seamlessly transfer the data to production – at every workplace.

Configurator for ready-to-connect distribution blocks with Push-in connection

Create your individual solution for efficient potential distribution with the distribution blocks: Ready to connect and freely extendable.

Configurator for PTRV marshalling panels

Configure your individual marshalling panels for the clear marshalling of signals in automation applications.

Configurator for marshalling patchboards PTMC

Configure your individual marshalling patchboards. The compact design provides high signal density for marshalling in automation applications.

Configurator for the modular FAME plug-in test systems

Configure your tailored FAME plug-in test systems for quickly and easily testing the function of current and voltage transformers as well as tripping and signal contacts.

Configurator for high-current feed-through terminal blocks

Configure your tailored high-current feed-through terminal block to reliably transmit high currents through the panel wall to your application. Benefit from numerous options for customization for block formation, fastening, and printing.

Configurator for PCB terminal blocks

Generate your desired PCB terminal block versions. When doing so, use our extended portfolio and choose your desired product with your preferred color, printing, and coding.

Configurator for modular PCB terminal blocks

Configure your connection block solution from modular PCB terminal blocks of the SPT modular series and place it directly into your cart at the end of the configuration process. Automatically receive a personal order number with lead-time information.

Configurator for PCB connectors

Find the right connector and configure it with different colors, printings, or codings. Create your tailored product with just a few clicks.

Configurator for PCB headers

Headers offer easy-to-install connections between the PCB and connector. The configurator shows you numerous versions of your headers according to the color, printings, and codings.

Configurator for assembled PCB connectors

Create PCB connectors with pre-assembled cables for your application. To do so, select suitable connectors for both cable ends and specify the connection system, the number of positions, and pitch, among other options. Freely selectable cable lengths and cross-sections enable individual cable assemblies for various nominal currents.

Configurator for electronics housings

Create your electronics housing for the field or indoor application: Select the desired housing series, the corresponding lower part, and the cover. Add the appropriate connection technology and the process is complete.

Configurator for individual ICS-series housing covers

Design your own individual ICS series housing covers. Use the PROTIQ 3D-printing service for prototype production. Once you have decided upon a design, you can move on to the series production of your individual housing cover.

Configurator for the Emalytics building Management System

Use this configurator to help determine which licenses you need for your budling management system.

Configurator for string combiner boxes for photovoltaic systems

We provide suitable surge protection to protect the installation permanently against lightning currents and surge voltages of all types.