Configurable safety modules

As easy as a safety relay, as flexible as a safety controller: With our configurable safety modules, you can implement solutions efficiently with as little as three safety functions. Thanks to the TÜV-certified software, you do not need any programming knowledge to create the safety logic. Thanks to the modular design, the functionality can be flexibly adapted and extended to meet your requirements.

Configuring safety modules flexibly

PSRmodular is a configurable small-scale controller. It allows you to monitor several safety functions in a single application. It is easy to create the safety logic using the PSRmodular software and drag and drop.

The system functions as a stand-alone solution, and can act as the overall machine control system for smaller machines. You can use the basic module as a separate component for this purpose. The following features are included in an overall width of just 67.5 mm:

  • Eight safe input signals for evaluating safe sensors
  • Up to four safe outputs (up to category 4)
  • Clock and signal switching outputs
  • Contact multiplication or contact amplification possible via external contactors in conjunction with integrated monitoring

Extend your safety system

If there are not enough I/Os, you can extend the system on a modular basis with up to 14 safety-related extension modules. They are simply connected to the base module via the DIN rail connector. This provides you with additional I/Os for connecting more sensors and actuators.

The modular safety technology can be incorporated into existing networks via a gateway.

PSRmodular combines functionality and flexibility, and closes the gap between simple safety relays and programmable safe controllers.

Intuitive configuration without programming knowledge

Use the free PSRmodular configuration software to configure the modular safety system. No programming knowledge is required in order to use the configuration software. This is because you create the safety logic graphically using drag and drop, and can flexibly adapt the safety functions as you wish. The integrated simulation allows you to perform a full function test of the safety logic once created, without any hardware. All function blocks have been certified by TÜV.

A step-by-step guide to the software

  • First, choose the blocks you need from the toolbox, which contains a variety of safe functions. Then, drag them with the mouse to the connection area.
  • Connect your blocks to the required inputs and outputs, which you also drag and drop to the connection area, before wiring them virtually there.
  • Then, download the tested safety logic to the safety module using a standard USB cable.
  • Should you have any questions about the software functions, there is a help feature containing function descriptions and example applications.

Comprehensive diagnostics directly on the device

Diagnostic LEDs indicate the states of all inputs and outputs of the PSRmodular safety modules. In addition, signal outputs indicate the switching states, e.g., on signaling devices. The safety module communicates with the higher-level controller of your machine or system via the fieldbus coupler. This allows you to easily integrate your safety functions into visualizations or remote diagnostics. Errors can be found and rectified more quickly.

Your advantages

  • Safe operation with TÜV-certified hardware and software (standards and zone concept)

  • Up to Cat. 4/PL e in accordance with ISO 13849-1, SILCL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061, SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508