Safety switches

The compact, non-contact PSRswitch safety switch monitors safety doors and positions. Thanks to the integrated RFID technology, the switch provides maximum tamper protection and achieves the highest level of functional safety in accordance with EN ISO 14119. Compatible evaluation units, SAC cabling, and integrated diagnostics enable the realization of an economical solution for a digital factory.

Intelligent safety door and position monitoring

With the non-contact PSRswitch safety switch

The non-contact PSRswitch safety switch monitors safety doors and machine positions in order to switch machines and systems into a safe state in the event of an emergency.

Your advantages

  • Maximum protection against tampering thanks to three RFID encoding levels

  • Safe series connection with comprehensive diagnostic information

  • M12 for easy installation and maintenance

  • Compact design for flexible mounting on doors and hatches

  • Cost-effective complete solution for a safe digital factory

Maximum protection against tampering

Three RFID encoding levels: Fixcode, Unicode and Multicode

The non-contact RFID technology enables wear-free functionality together with maximum flexibility in terms of mounting. Furthermore, the safety switches are protected against manipulation, due to the unambiguous RFID coding.
There are three different coding options available for the sensor: The fixcode option with one taught-in actuator, the unicode option with interchangeable actuators that can be taught-in, and the multicode option which accepts all actuators without needing to teach them in.

Our PSRswitch is TÜV-certified, and thus satisfies all important safety standards.

Compact design

Flexible mounting on doors and hatches

The PSRswitch safety switch can be mounted in many different ways: Vertically on safety doors, horizontally on smaller doors, or for monitoring different positions. As you can reach the safety sensor from any side, you can place the sensor and actuator nearly anywhere without constraints, even at places that are difficult to access. The connection is established via a standard M12 male. The safe series connection of several PSRswitch safety switches to the evaluation unit is possible via standardized Y-distributors and sensor/actuator cables for free assembly.

In addition, you can install a restart button directly on the safety switch. This prevents the machine from starting unintentionally, for example when a door accidentally closes during maintenance work.

Smart diagnostics with IO-Link

Safe series connection in accordance with EN ISO 14119

The non-contact PSRswitch safety switches are suitable for both individual use and for safe series connection up to PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849. Here, you can connect up to 30 safety switches in series.

The safe series connection is set up as a two-channel concept: The safety-related status information for the connected switches is transmitted to a suitable evaluation unit. In addition, other non-safety-relevant status information from the PSRswitch safety switches – such as “Door open” or “Door closed” – can also be transmitted to the higher-level controller with an integrated diagnostics channel via IO-Link. The data can thus be acquired and evaluated in real time.

1. PSRmini safety relay

The status information of the individual switches is transmitted to the PSR-MC42 safety relay as an evaluation unit via the intelligent diagnostics channel. The safety relay transmits the switch’s non-safety-related diagnostic data to the controller via IO-Link.

2. IO-Link gateway

The switch’s non-safety-relevant diagnostic data is transmitted to the IO-Link gateway independently of the safety concept via the intelligent diagnostics channel. From there, the data is sent to the controller via IO-Link.

3. Direct wiring

Direct wiring of the safety switch to the machine controller is another option. The safe series connection also has a two-channel design with this configuration. The safety switches are connected to a safety relay module.

Prevent fault masking

Superior system availability up to PL e

With the new safety standard EN ISO14119, the prevention of fault masking is becoming increasingly relevant. You can close this safety loophole very easily with the non-contact PSRswitch safety switch from Phoenix Contact:
The intelligent PSRswitch safety switch permanently monitors both channels for faults and, in contrast to conventional switches, prevents fault masking in your system. If a fault occurs in one channel, the switch uses the second channel to shut down safely and prevents reconnection.

This fault detection makes it possible to achieve the highest performance level PL e in the cascade.