Solid-state relays and electromechanical relays

Among other things, solid-state relays ensure reliable switching operations in system automation.

Choose from our wide range of solid-state relays and electromechanical relays, available as plug-in versions or as complete modules.

Coupling relays, highly compact relay modules, and relays for the Ex area also help achieve high system availability.

Highly compact relay modules – narrow and high-performance switching

The PLC-INTERFACE relay series for universal use provides a wide range of plug-in electromechanical relays and solid-state relays.

The following special versions are available:

  • Series for coupling sensors or actuators
  • Filter series for long control cables
  • Switch modules for manual intervention
  • Solid-state relays for wear-free switching
  • Ex relays for zone 2 applications
  • Hybrid solid-state relays for a long service life
  • Relay modules for railway applications
  • Relay modules for high inrush currents
  • Reversing load relays for DC motors

Your advantages with our highly compact relay modules

  • Comprehensive product range with special versions for special applications

  • Optimized installation effort with versatile accessories

  • Just 6.2 mm wide with plug-in electromechanical and solid-state relays

  • Your choice of easy connection technology: screw, spring-cage, or Push-in connection technology

  • Logic functions through extension with PLC logic

  • Quick plug-in connection between controller and relay with system cabling adapter

  • Highly compact relay modules are part of the COMPLETE line system

Universal industrial relay system from coupling relays and timer relays to a replacement for miniature contactors

You can implement all standard relay applications with the RIFLINE complete universal relays.

Whether you want to isolate, multiply, or amplify signals: the field of application ranges from coupling and timer relays to a replacement for miniature contactors.

The relay system’s universal plug-in design enables quick, easy, and error-free handling.

Your advantages with our industrial relay system

  • Complete product family covers all standard relay applications

  • Easy handling with state-of-the-art wiring and potential distribution concept

  • Easily extended to create a timer relay by means of a plug-in function module

  • Reliable system for high machine and system availability

  • Available as a complete module or modular system

  • The universal industrial relay system is part of the COMPLETE line system

Force-guided coupling relays

The coupling relays with force-guided contacts from Phoenix Contact are basic devices for single-channel control.

The coupling relays can be used for electrical isolation, power amplification, and increasing the number of contacts.

Your advantages with our force-guided coupling relays

  • Maximum safety with force-guided contacts in accordance with EN 50205

  • Reliable signal exchange between two systems with feedback function

  • Easy handling with state-of-the-art wiring and potential distribution concept

  • Reliable system for high machine and system availability

  • Complete family covering all standard applications

Relay modules for the Ex area

Safe switching

The relay modules also allow you to safely disconnect and switch signals in potentially explosive areas.

The relays have the necessary Ex approvals for zone 2 (ATEX, Class 1 Division 2).

Your advantages with our relay modules for the Ex area

  • Special approvals allow use in potentially explosive areas

  • Various connection technologies provide flexibility

  • Time-saving potential distribution with plug-in bridges

  • Narrow 6.2 mm design saves space

  • Efficient connection to system cabling using V8 adapter

  • Relay modules for the Ex area are part of the COMPLETE line system

Auxiliary relays for operation and switching in areas with high safety demands

The auxiliary relays are ideal for use in control and monitoring systems. They ensure electrical isolation between auxiliary and control circuits. The auxiliary relays also consume very little power – despite their high switching capacity. This makes them ideal for use in substations, for example.

The axial armature relay actuates all contacts at the same time, without intermediate switching via levers. The plug-in auxiliary relays are quickly and safely mounted on the corresponding base module.

Your advantages with our our auxiliary relays

  • Reliable and durable operation with a high switching capacity

  • Space-saving installation with the compact design

  • Easy commissioning with pre-assembled connectors

Switching, isolating and amplifying signals reliably

Relays, optocouplers, and logic modules

When it comes to switching, isolating, monitoring, amplyfying, or multiplying, we provide support in the form of clever relays, optocouplers and logic modules.

Whether solid-state relays, electromechanical relays, coupling relays, optocouplers, monitoring relays, or timer relays and logic modules, you will find the right relay for your application here.