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Terminal blocks

CLIPLINE complete and terminals for special applications

Distribution blocks

Distribution blocks and device terminal blocks

Marshalling panels

Marshalling terminals, potential distributors, and marshalling patchboards

Plug-in test systems

FAME plug-in test system and transformer terminal blocks

Installation systems

For power distribution and device connection

Power supplies

Power supplies, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules, and UPS

Surge protection

For plant and device protection

Device circuit breakers

For electronic, thermomagnetic, and thermal device protection

Energy monitoring

Energy management and data acquisition

Relays, optocouplers, and logic modules

Switching, isolating, and amplifying signals reliably

Electronic switching devices and motor control

Motor Starters and solid-state contactors

Digital product catalogues

Product catalog 1

Terminal blocks

Product catalog 2

Sensor/actuator cabling and connectors

Product catalog 3

Marking systems, tools, and mounting material

Product catalog 4

Surge protection, power supplies, and device circuit breakers

Product catalog 5

Interface technology and switching devices

Product catalog 6


Product catalog 7

Charging technology for e-mobility

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