Industrial Bluetooth

Factoryline Bluetooth EPA

The robust Ethernet wireless bridge

The FL EPA 2 Bluetooth Ethernet port adapter connects Ethernet-capable automation modules with the controller network wirelessly. The compact and robust Ethernet port adapter comes with an integrated wireless module and an antenna. The IP65 turnkey solution is installed directly in the field and connected to the automation device via an Ethernet cable and M12 connection technology. The benefit for you: straightforward integration into your application.

Quick and easy installation

The Ethernet port adapter is the simple solution for enabling WLAN capability in industrial automation devices with an Ethernet connection quickly and easily. This comprehensive IP65 solution is installed directly in the field and connected to the automation device via an M12 Ethernet cable.

Your advantages:

  • Compact IP65 module with integrated antenna
  • M12 connections for Ethernet and power
  • Easy installation in the field

Particularly reliable and robust data transmission

The EPA modules have been developed for reliable and fault-free communication of control signals, for example via PROFINET.

The advantage of using Bluetooth technology is that it provides extremely robust wireless communication, which is particularly reliable even under harsh industrial conditions.

Easy and safe setup thanks to automatic configuration

Secure point-to-point and small networks can be set up quickly and easily without configuration with the MODE button.

Alternatively, configuration can also be conveniently carried out via web browse

Fault-free parallel operation with WLAN

The Bluetooth EPA modules enable fault-free parallel operation with other WLAN systems with the efficient use of frequency gaps. In addition to the automatic coexistence mechanism of Bluetooth, the EPA modules also offer the following:

  • Low emission mode, for low interference emissions when establishing connections
  • Black channel listing enables the configuration of up to three WLAN channels whose frequency ranges will not be used by the EPA module

Communication with rotating machine

Using two EPA modules, a robust PROFINET wireless bridge is established quickly and easily with rotating or moving machine systems.

Reliable communication in wastewater treatment plants

Reliable Ethernet communication can easily be established with the scraper bridges in wastewater treatment plants with the EPA modules.

Automated control of cranes

Fault-free and secure control communication with and between cranes, for example for tandem control.

Moving machine systems

Cost-effective and wear-free communication with machines and plant components that are perpetually in motion.