Signal conditioners and measuring transducers

Signal conditioners and measuring transducers ensure interference-free signal transmission in measurement and control technology.

In addition, intrinsically safe, SIL-certified signal conditioners and measuring transducers provide explosion protection and ensure the safety of people, the environment, and the system.

Fieldbus repeaters and serial interface converters

Using fieldbus repeaters for PROFIBUS and RS-485 bus systems, you can extend your network over a wide area regardless of the data rate. Even the number of devices can be extended through segmentation with repeaters.

You can increase the range, transmit without EMI, and extend and distribute channels as required.

The modular concept supports any combination of copper and FO channels.

Using the serial interface converters, serial interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, and TTY can be converted from and to these formats in order to connect different devices.

A milestone in miniaturization

Highly compact MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners win major awards

The new Ex i versions in the MINI Analog Pro 6.2 mm signal conditioner family provide explosion protection and functional safety in an unrivaled compact design. With space savings of up to 50 percent compared to current solutions, measurement technology signals are reliably processed while at the same time ensuring the protection of people, the environment, and systems. The products are consistently rated to the highest safety level, SIL 3 one out of one. The operating concept and end-to-end digitalization are particularly user-friendly and future-proof.

This innovative development resulted in the products being honored as the Winner of the GIT Security Award and winning Gold in the German Innovation Award competition.

Your advantages

  • Safe isolation, conditioning, filtering, and amplification with comprehensive solutions for analog signal processing in the input and output

  • Safer and more space-saving than ever: Ex i and SIL 3 with an overall width of just 6.2 mm with highly compact signal conditioners and measuring transducers

  • Maximum explosion protection for all Ex zones and gas groups with one- and two-channel Ex i signal conditioners and measuring transducers

  • High operational safety with signal conditioners, all of which have SIL certification

  • Integrate field signals safely into industrial networks via electrical isolation with bus- and network-connected signal conditioners

MINI Analog Pro product animation

The MINI Analog Pro signal conditioner with Ex i approval and functional safety in accordance with SIL 3 in an overall width of just 6.2 mm is truly one of a kind. Process up to 160 signals per meter – ideal for modern, compact systems that are used to store renewable energy, for example.

Smart configuration, monitoring, identification

The Signal Conditioner App

The Signal Conditioner App enables you to identify and configure your products more easily than ever before, in addition to monitoring process values. You also have access to module-specific documents, such as packing slips and data sheets. A DIP switch setting aid is available for products with DIP switches.

Easy connectivity via NFC (MINI Analog Pro), Bluetooth, or QR code. The app is available free of charge for both Android and Apple iOS smartphones.


Signal conditioning and explosion protection

Interference-free and safe signal conditioning, transmission, and visualization through 3-way electrical isolation. Our product portfolio for signal conditioning and explosion protection covers all tasks involving interference-free and safe signal transmission, such as NAMUR signal conditioners, bipolar signal conditioners, temperature transducers, supply isolators, etc.