Highlights 2023

Our highlights for electrification, networking, and automation.

Modular AC charging sockets

CHARX connect modular can be customized based on the modular system principle: Choose between round and square protective covers.

Add optional LED status indicator, temperature sensors, and shutter. Plug-in connecting cables, graded according to power and length, round off the package.

Compact AC charging cables

CHARX connect eco focuses on the safe charging of your electric vehicle. The particularly compact mode 3 charging cables impress with their proven Phoenix Contact quality, solid feel, and attractive price. They are available in the usual four performance classes from 3.7 kW to 22 kW.

DC charging cables without liquid cooling

High Power Charging (HPC) is making electric vehicle charging at EV charging stations suitable for everyday use – and then some.

Even with uncooled HPC charging cables, charging currents of up to 375 A and correspondingly short charging times can be achieved.

Use our new CHARX connect professional charging connectors. Benefit from smart features, unlimited safety, and versions for application-optimized performance.

19’’ racks for fast charging

Carbon-neutral charging is only made possible by coupling the different sectors.

The coordinated power electronics enable efficient conversion, distribution, and storage.

This allows electric vehicles to be charged intelligently and quickly. Our solution enables you to implement a simple, economical, and full-coverage fast charging infrastructure.

Power supply with circuit breaker

Power supplies enable the efficient and reliable supply of your applications.

The new TRIO POWER power supplies feature a compact design, easy handling, and smart diagnostic functions.

An optionally integrated circuit breaker makes TRIO POWER an all-rounder for machine building and systems manufacturing and ensures high system availability.

Highly compact Ex i signal conditioners

Distributed energy generation requires space-saving and safe solutions.

The intrinsically safe versions of the MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners and measuring transducers provide explosion protection and functional safety in an unrivalled compact design.

Cover all tasks for interference-free signal transmission, save space, and ensure the safety of your system at the same time.

Terminal blocks with Push-X technology

Due to increasing electrification, many additional electrical connections are needed.

To increase the efficiency of your control cabinet wiring, we offer one of the fastest connection technologies on the market with Push-X technology in our terminal blocks.

Connect all types of conductors manually or automatically tool-free and without the need for force.

PCB terminal blocks with Push-X

Benefit from Push-X technology in PCB connection technology as well.

Contact all types of conductors tool-free and without the need for force – including flexible conductors without ferrules.

Board-to-board connectors

The new board-to-board connector is available with a pitch of 1.27 mm and offers full compatibility.

The FR 1,27 series features impressive data rates of up to 28 Gbps and currents of up to 2.3 A to satisfy your future device design requirements.

PCB connectors with 6.35 mm pitch

Space on the device front is becoming increasingly limited due to the large number of electrical connections.

However, our SPC 4 series PCB connectors with 6.35 mm pitch are particularly suitable for transmitting a lot of power to the PCB.

With various locking mechanisms available, we offer a suitable and secure system for your device connection.

Connectors for assembled cables

Whether in production, logistics, or the service sector, processes can be flexibly designed with automated guided vehicles systems (AGVS).

We offer coordinated components for complete electrification and automation.

Crimp-based connectors can be used to implement device connections and flying leads. In addition, we offer a service where various items and cable lengths can be preassembled.

Safe DC connector

As a member of the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA), we champion the use of direct current for indoor and outdoor applications.

By using direct current for energy flow in your system, you can reduce your energy costs by approximately 10%.

With the ArcZero series connector, it is now possible to disconnect and connect under load without the threat of dangerous electric arcs.

M8 connectors with Push-Lock connection

In increasingly networked systems, functions are decentralized and intelligent devices and sensors are miniaturized.

Flexible and space-saving cabling is achieved with M8 connectors designed for assembly.

The Push-Lock connection enables convenient wiring without tools. You benefit from significant time savings and safe installation.

SPE M12 hybrid connectors

Ethernet is the leading communication standard for data networks at the corporate and operational level.

With the advent of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), this established technology is now also moving down to the field level.

In the field of drives, machine building, or robotics, you can combine data and power for sophisticated IIoT devices in one connector.

Security routers for industrial networks

The creation of intelligent, networked systems is the key to a sustainable future.

The mGuard products protect against unauthorized access and help you ensure secure data transmission – in industrial production, the infrastructure sector, and in the energy sector.

IO-Link Safety: the new standard

With IO-Link Safety, you can benefit from all the familiar advantages of IO-Link.

Now that IO-Link technology has been extended to include safety, you can connect safety technology and automation via a universal interface.

This enables you to introduce new, manufacturer-independent machine and system concepts with safety-related sensors and actuators.

Device and Update Management with OPC UA

Due to the growing complexity of automation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep software and firmware up to date.

Security updates must be distributed throughout the network in a timely manner.

Device and Update Management allows you to continuously update the automation network and fix security vulnerabilities. With OPC UA, devices from other manufacturers are also kept up to date.

Highlights 2022

Solutions for a sustainable world

EMC filters

Our filters help to limit high-frequency interference. They ensure reliable system operation in environments where interference is an issue.

Functional engineering

The clipx ENGINEER engineering software makes it possible to plan and order terminal strips, assembled mounting plates, and junction boxes more efficiently than ever, and to seamlessly provide the data relevant to production.

Worker assistance systems

The worker assistance systems of the clipx ASSIST line use production-relevant data as the basis to accelerate your manufacturing and assembly processes with digitally supported and semi-automated workstation solutions.

Modular marking system

The THERMOMARK E SERIES marking system is the first modular system to combine the printing and application of various marking materials in just a single automated process step. Benefit from seamless digital workflows thanks to automatic data processing from CAE systems and increase your efficiency in switching device and machine manufacturing.

Terminal blocks with Push-X technology

The new Push-X technology sets high benchmarks in industrial connection technology. Force-free and tool-free contacting of all types of conductors – including flexible conductors without ferrules – opens up further potential for optimization in control cabinet manufacturing. Use the new terminal blocks in both manual and future-oriented automated wiring.

Robust installation system

Building, industrial, and outdoor applications require a connector system that is flexible and robust. The compact PRC installation system combines high degrees of protection with impact resistance up to IK08. Ensure your power transmission in building and outdoor applications even in extreme conditions.

Contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors

Building, industrial, and outdoor applications require a connector system that is flexible and robust. The compact PRC installation system combines high degrees of protection with impact resistance up to IK08. Ensure your power transmission in building and outdoor applications even in extreme conditions.

Electronics housings with Push-in connection

Realize smart housing solutions for future-oriented applications in building automation. Design your individual housing with the online configurator. The wiring is done easily with the Push-in connection on the front – saving you space, time, and costs.

Smart e-mobility charging controllers

E-mobility is a key factor on the path to the All Electric Society. Convenient and carbon-neutral charging requires not only a powerful charging grid but also the ability to couple it with the other sectors. To do this, use the new, open, and intelligent CHARX control modular control platform.

Universal vehicle charging inlets

The switch to e-mobility will only succeed if charging with electricity becomes as convenient as the usual way of filling up with fuel. On the infrastructure side, we already enable ultra-fast charging with liquid-cooled charging connectors. The new CHARX connect vehicle charging inlets are the perfect counterpart.

Data connectors for any device interface

Due to the advance of digitalization in all industries, the total number of connections is constantly increasing. New and established data connectors form the basis for the networking of smart devices. We offer a wide range of data connectors for use in office or building applications, as well as products for industrial applications.

Compact board-to-board connectors

The trend towards more compact devices and a modular internal design also poses new challenges for board-to-board connectors. The compact, industrial-grade board-to-board connectors enable customized device designs in small spaces. Implement mezzanine PCB arrangements for secure and fast data transmission up to 20 Gbps.

Gigabit Ethernet extenders

Video security is becoming increasingly important in all industries. Modern video technology is placing ever-higher demands on the network infrastructure. The Gigabit Ethernet extenders enable particularly high ranges and bandwidth. By sustainably using existing cables, you save high investment costs.

Safe over-speed safety relay

No matter whether in driverless transport systems or rotating axes in machine tools, the PSR-MM35 over-speed safety relay reliably monitors speeds and thus protects against dangerous motion. You can monitor motion very economically and efficiently without any additional sensors.

PLCnext Control for redundancy

The new high-performance PLCnext Control device features a hardware redundancy function. It can be used, for example, in tunnel applications where maximum availability of a central control unit must be ensured.

Extend PLCnext Control with AI

Neural networks are the basis for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Neural networks can be used as a computer-aided method for solving problems. With this PLC extension, neural networks can be loaded onto the module and executed. This opens up a wide range of possibilities in industrial automation.

PLCnext Control for safety and high-performance

The new PLCnext Control safety controller is the perfect solution in industrial systems where the safety requirements are high or the environment harsh. The PLC enables use in applications with the highest safety requirements in accordance with SIL 3 and PLe respectively.

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